Friday, May 25, 2012

How To: Lesson White Shoe

 I can remember a couple months back while having dinner with some friends the "white shoe" talk came up and a friend said oh my god I couldn't picture myself ever wearing that pointed tip white shoe again so I threw it to the back of my closet. Haven't owned any white shoes as far as I've known myself I said nothing... but in my mind something like "you watch and see when it comes back you will be in a store buying some white wedges".Inspired  by Who What Wear yesterday seeing some celebs in an array of white shoes I decided to come up with some ways I would wear a white shoe. If people limit themselves to white heels they get freaked out but trying a white brogue or oxford is not a scary thing. Just make sure while wearing a white shoe that there is a statement piece or you can look very plain. I hope you are inspired

Do you like the white shoe trend?
How would you wear your white shoe?

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  1. The only white shoes I have are a pair of white ballet flats--I would never part with them!

    Love your fashion critiques!


  2. Thanks a lot! I hope you enjoy my future critiques as well
    Will be checking out your blog now! :)