Friday, May 25, 2012

How To: Lesson White Shoe

 I can remember a couple months back while having dinner with some friends the "white shoe" talk came up and a friend said oh my god I couldn't picture myself ever wearing that pointed tip white shoe again so I threw it to the back of my closet. Haven't owned any white shoes as far as I've known myself I said nothing... but in my mind something like "you watch and see when it comes back you will be in a store buying some white wedges".Inspired  by Who What Wear yesterday seeing some celebs in an array of white shoes I decided to come up with some ways I would wear a white shoe. If people limit themselves to white heels they get freaked out but trying a white brogue or oxford is not a scary thing. Just make sure while wearing a white shoe that there is a statement piece or you can look very plain. I hope you are inspired

Do you like the white shoe trend?
How would you wear your white shoe?

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Talk on Trends 1

Hopefully most of you guys love the ColorBlocking Trend like I do! It seems like its the only trend I've actually been following through with because there are so many ways you can spin it. You are never limited when coming to ColorBlocking. Since last Spring/Summer it began making it self known in the outfits of many stars and celebs, and still I wouldn't say it's back for this Summer but it never left! All through Fall and Winter of 2011-2012 we have seen different types of color block whether using neutral, or bold and brights pieces. Matching top and bottom with a bold neon or a pastel color belt or purse would be one way. When a next can be a color block with matching colors of the same family, like using pinks for instance. A fuchsia pant with a bubble gum colored top . More popular we have the non related color match like wearing a yellow button down with a purple skirt pairing it with a nude pump and a colored belt.

Share your unique way of color blocking in the comments below..

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shoe Craves

What is a Shoe Crave?

Featured on this blog every month will be a glob of shoes that I've been eyeing for that particular month. Some I may purchase and feature in future outfit posts, while some would be just me dreaming that I could have them in my closet. With that being said 
the nominees for the month of May Shoes Craves are....

1. Jeffrey Campbell Homg Platform Sneaker $74.95 
2. H&M ColorBlocked Strap Sandal $14.95 
 3. Kelsi Dagger Abrielle Pump $129.00 
Now on Sale for $64.50
 4. Kelsi Dagger Nadeen Platform Wedge Sandal $99.00
Now on Sale for $74.99
5. Jeffrey Campbell Cleata Shoe (Black Smoke) $160.00
6. Pink Crochet Women's Classic TOMS $58.00

What are your Current shoe Craves?