Sunday, June 24, 2012

What to Pack? Summer Getaway Guide

mini island getaway

Since I am away on a 6 week vacation in my homeland I decided that a great guide for what to take on a Mini vacation that you might be taking this summer would be helpful. I am sure you are going some place exciting.. well that is what i hope. Of course it doesn't have to be some island in Hawaii or in the West Indies but anywhere you go around this time I hope is pretty hot so these pieces should not differ. Mini vacation i would say to me means around 5-7 days, however anything shorter you can pack the same amount that is if you are an over packer like me or just pack less! I didn't forget to pop in all the current trendy items. Mints, Pastels, Color-blocks & Whites are a must! Just don't forget to add a camera to your suitcase to show everyone how you paired stuff together. Remember that you can ALWAYS mix and match pieces if you run out of outfits. And of course we will love to see the amazing spot your chose for your vacation so remember to snap shots of that too. Most importantly on a vacay you want to feel airy and comfortable. Leave the 6 inch heels and dash in some comfy platform wedges for your feet and add some converses if you may or whatever flat sneaker you choose. Cute sandals and some flip flops how could you forget? Grab a cute sunhat for the sun and some sunglasses for the eyes. A neon belt can be worn with anything for POP so add that too. Don't you forget a cute swim suit or 2 and remember some airy PJ's as well. Accessories is all on you. You can pack two necklaces you love and your normal watch Throw in your favorite nail polish and towel and head on out to enjoy your amazing Vacation!
Of course I didn't mention everything that you should take.. Before i get to that
since you will be traveling for a quick week it is more manageable to take a small carry on suitcase on this trip.. You know the pullon's that you can put in the compartment at the top of your seat on the airplane? Right! Instead of having a huge suitcase that you most likely will have to pay for to put at the bottom of the plane, this is a great way to save money for your actual trip instead :)
But remember necessities that you may need for your trip will have to be under 8oz to travel on board. So a great idea will be to take a trip to Target in their travel section and rack up on ...

Body Spray
Body wash
Body lotion
Hand Sanitizer
Its easy because they are all under 8oz. Remember you can also make use of their small containers that you can place whatever else you may need in them..oil's & face scrubs. If you may you can also visit Bath and Body Works for the sprays, lotion's and wash's that are under 8oz as well if you love a certain scent.

I hope you are inspired and this helps.



  1. I always need more tips on how to pack more effectively (without taking 5 suitcases) - thanks for sharing!

    1. You are very welcome! Glad I could help :)

  2. have fun on your holiday!<3